The King's Village was born from a very small beginning through the humble work of Ben and Marion Owusu-Sekyere, missionaries with the World Ministries, Assemblies of God, United Kingdom.

The King’s Village was established as a Christian Outreach Centre to transform lives and communities as well as  help the poor and needy break out of poverty. It is also the story of the extraordinary generosity of individuals and organisations committed to partner together for a common vision to help make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged and the poor.


It is a story of how hearts and minds of people from diverse backgrounds are drawn together for a purpose that is larger than any individual's plans and purpose in life. To us it was what we believed was the purpose of God to bless others through our lives especially the poor and deprived and  to make a difference in our hurting world. 

In a very humble way, the King’s Village was born out of lives inspired and dedicated to the service of others. It is also a story of immense personal sacrifice and generosity of many  whose hearts were drawn together to work to overcome  challenges and obstacles in serving others who are in need of help. This is a short history of the King’s Village, our present situation and challenges and suggested areas where we need support and partnership.

Historical Background

The King's Village was pioneered by Ben and Marion Owusu-Sekyere. Ben comes from Ghana and Marion is from Radlett, England. Ben and Marion met in August 1996 when she was invited in a team of four by Drs Steve and Joy Lawn, British Doctors who were serving and doing research at Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi. They were also  part of the Church Ben was part of, Living Waters Chapel, Assemblies of God English Church based in Kumasi. They joined a team of 8 of people including Ben from the church and travelled to Northern Ghana for the first time for a 10 day outreach. They were both impacted by the needs of the People in the Northern Region of Ghana after visiting and ministering in many poverty stricken villages, they were both inspired by their experience and wanted to go back to help make a difference.

Marion decided to return to Ghana to serve the people and was sent by her church  in January 1997 for 6 weeks to help her in her decision for long term work. She returned in November 1997 to work in Northern Ghana long term. She lived and served under a local pastor, Rev. Abraham Imorrow in a village near Tamale. They got engaged in December 1997 and got married a year later on the 5th December 1998.  Soon after, in February 1999, they came back to Ghana to serve in Tamale. They have lived and worked in Northern Region since then. 

Beginning from a Derelict House
After living in Tamale for about a year, they came across some derelict buildings at a project site left behind by Tailor Woodrow who constructed a Dam for Irrigation in the Tolon-Kumbungu District between 1979-1983 at a place called Bontanga.

They decided to renovate one of the houses to live in, and they moved in April 2000 and it is still their home today.  It is from this derelict house that the King’s Village started in 2003 and has developed into what it is today. Following that they renovated other houses belonging to the Irrigation Development Authority as guesthouses and for staff to live in. As the King’s Village developed over the years they have built more houses as residence for staff. 

They started with a small church in their house in 2000, while visiting and working in various communities. They were greatly impacted by the living condition of the people and the deep poverty in the area and felt inspired to help  the people in the most felt needs especially in the area of Education, Health, Water and Sanitation. People were always asking them to help and they wondered what they could do and where to start in a place of so much need. This inspired them to do something to help. They had a vision to acquire the land next to their house from the local Chiefs and people of Zangbulung to use for a project. They were visited by Marion’s Pastor, David Hind who encouraged them and led the effort to mobilise resources from the Church and churches around Nottingham to support them. He was soon followed by Malcolm Baxter, another leader from the church with a team and a foundation stone for the project was laid in 2001during that visit. Following that the senior leaders of the Christian Centre, David Shearman and elder John Pettifor also visited them as well as other leaders to encouraged them. They were assisted by their local pastor friend Rev. Sulemana (a man who had lost a leg to Guinea Worm but always rode his Bicycle with one leg) in the acquisition of 43 Acres of  land which they used to establish the King’s Village Project in 2003.


More about this Story in Pictures

Discovery of a Derelict House at Bontanga

This the state of the kitchen when we found the house.

The look of the House after Renovation

Inside the House after renovation

Ben and Marion on the land which will be developed into the King's Village

Rev. Malcolm Baster speaking prophetically over Ben and Marion during the Foundation Laying