A Village in Northern GhanaThe King's Village serve over 230 deprived village communities in Northern Ghana most of which are quite remote. Individuals travel long distances, some over 70km. The Village of Singa and the 5 communities surrounding are completely cut off by the White Volta. The sick have to trek on 7 km of river bed which becomes completely flooded during rainy season. It becomes impossible to walk when there is a slight rain and bites and motorbikes simply skid off making it quite treacherous to make the journey to the river to cross to the Queen's Medical Centre. Dr. James Duah, the Medical Superintendent tells the story of Huseima who try to deliver a set of twins at home and one was born leaving the other. This woman had to travel on the back of a motorbike to the river before crossing in a canue, then continue her journey to the King's Village. What saved her life was her God and the presence of a Doctor at the King's Medical Centre. Dr. James Duah had to quickly perform a CS to remove the second twin and it was such a joy to see her walk out of the hospital back home carrying both babies.